To know the more complete history of Vo lac hong Jeetkido kai you visit the site French which is linked at the bottom of this page we give you just a sample of the original spread us on the subject but giving you an outline only of the origin of our martial style .
Master Nguyen or " SOSAI LUXUHA", was born January 23, 1923 in Tokyo, Japan by the original Parent Sino Vietnamese father who obtained Japanese citizenship in 1920 , he took a large part of its studies in Japan , his father Nguyen LOC , expert Kempo-kan teaches Okinawa very quickly this martial art to his young son .
The Kempô was born in the famous Island of Okinawa along with Karate, it brings together techniques of unarmed combat Chinese origin, and body work to clinch and ground fighting . Nguyen created with his father 's first school -Kan Kempo Hombu Dojo in Osaka current institute Jeetkidokai.
It was later on a journey , the country of origin of the parents Gia Dinh South Vietnam Nguyen discovers a Vietnamese martial art Vo lac hong taught by Master Pham Hing King, he decided to learn this martial art source of Viet Vo Dao . He discovered techniques scissors , techniques, kicking skipped , and especially maniments weapons like the long stick and blows, nunchaku , and some techniques that do not exist in the Kempo kan .
At that time everybody thought that, the spiritual son of the old Master Pham Hing , it would be his succeseur school Vo Lac, and would remain in Vietnam, but some disagreement on the technical side to make Nguyen restarts Japan and founded his own school there or mixture Kempo and Vo Lac hong. He went to work for 1 year technical solo and challenges " Wrestlers, boxers , they easily dominate , he fought bulls in which they break the horns. "
In 1945 the Hombu Dojo transforms into school JEETKIDOKAI " where we find 60% of Kempô -kan and 40% of the Vietnamese martial art Vo lac hong " white jacket Kempo and black pants for Vo lac hong .
Disciples as IDA Nukami , SHIRIGSU OGAMA , open schools in Western Switzerland , Germany, to develop the martial art before returning to Japan Hombu Dojo.
In 1990 students of this kind of expert getaway and develops this martial art in Italy , France , Russia, and become experts in their own turn some participated in fights without rules tournaments MMA, UFC, others it dedicated solely to the development and education or the creation of structures and schools
On 21 August 1993 Nguyen leaves us and leave a legacy to his disciples Vo lac hong Jeetkidokai " mixing Kempô and Vo lac hong, " a martial art or martial MMA MMA . Vo lac hong Jeetkidokai and a martial art both and both free fight .
In 2011 UFAMV decides to join the IJFK created by Nguyen in 1960 to merge the Hombu Dojo so that the name is Vo lac hong Cole name Jeetkidokai. This martial art displays in the world by The Institute adheres to the Hombu Dojo the only official body in the world of the martial art Jeetkidokai International Vo Lac .
This evolving discipline has kept the philosophy and ethics of aboriginal martial arts. Indeed, Vo lac hong Jeetkido kai is based on the foundations of KEMPO KAN OKINAWA and VO LAC HONG OF GIA DINH , this martial art has the particularity to offer its practitioners use all the techniques of fight and striking the foot , fist, but also projection techniques and grounding with strangulation or keys. In the course of O SU PHU name JEETKiDOKAI back often to remind the ancestor of Jeetkido kai Kempo Kan , remember that more than 60% of the techniques are from the Okinawa Kempo we count 10% control techniques , Jujitsu , Aikido , and the remaining 30% are techniques Vo lac hong Vietnamese martial art he studied at Gia Dinh in southern Vietnam.
The real name of this style and JEETKIDO-KAIKAN , just hang it by the following VO LAC HONG , which gives the official name of JEETKIDO-KAIKAN KARATE . Faster and more known JEETKIDOKAI " KARATE. "




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